Journal Technologies of Living Systems №2 for 2022 year
Content of the soluble form of programmed cell death receptor protein sPD-1 and its ligand sPD-L1 in blood serum of colorectal cancer patients

N.E. Kushlinskii1, V.V. Maslennikov2, E.A. Korotkova3, V.V. Delektorskaya4, E.S. Gershtein5, N.N. Zybina6, A.A. Alferov7, T.N. Zabotina8, Z.Z. Mamedli9, I.S. Stilidi10

1,3–5,7–10 N.N. Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology
of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Moscow, Russia)

2 «Electrontest» (Moscow, Russia)

6 The Federal State Public Enterprise Nikiforov’s All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine
of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia (the Nikiforov’s NRCERM) (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Toxicological research of heteropolyacids Keggin type in vitro and in vivo

O.A. Lopatina1, О.V. Baklanova2, E.A. Gushchina3, I.A. Suetina4, H.I. Isaeva5, T.N. Pritchina6, M.V. Mezentseva7, M.V. Bidevkina8, F.I. Dalidchik9, A.I. Kulak10, S.A. Kovalevskiy11

1–7 FSBI N.F. Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology (Moscow, Russia)

8 FBIS Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute (Moscow, Russia)

9,11 Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS (Moscow, Russia)

10 Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (Minsk, Belarus)

Analysis of the relationship between the indicators of the central and peripheral parts of erythron in normal and chronic toxic exposure in the experiment

A.F. Kayumova1, K.R. Ziyakaeva2, V.G. Shamratova3

1–3 Bashkir State Medical University (Ufa, Russia)

Expert system for diagnosing parasitic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

N.T. Abdullayev1, K.Sh. Pashayeva2, U.N. Musevi3

1 Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

2 Baku Higher Oil School (Baku, Azerbaijan)

3 Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Development of an automated algorithm for differential diagnostics of gastrointestinal bleeding using methods of mathematical statistics

A.V. Budykina1, T.V. Zarubina2, S.E. Rauzina3, E.V. Tikhomirova4, E.D. Fedorov5, O.I. Yudin6, R.V. Plakhov7, M.V. Bordikov8

1–5,7 Pirogov Russian National Medical University (Moscow, Russia)

6 Clinical «K+31» (Moscow, Russia)

8 Clinical Hospital № 31 (Moscow, Russia)

Effect of additional respiratory resistance on exercise tolerance

Yu.Yu. Byalovsky1, I.S. Rakitina2

1,2 Ryazan Statе Mеdical Univеrsity (Ryazan, Russia)