Journal Science Intensive Technologies №5 for 2023 year
Playback of flash content in electrical engineering with the ruffle flash emulator

A.L. Marchenko1

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Construction of a technological scheme for designing modeling programs using CASE tools

S.G. Vorona1, T.V. Kalinin2, I.N. Shulga3

1−3 Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

A method for evaluating the quality of debugging programs of real-time computing systems

V.O. Volosenkov1, N.A. Gritsai2, I.R. Son3, E.G. Andrianova4, N.N. Trokhachenkova5

1 JSC “Concern “Marines-Agat” (Moscow, Russia)

2–5 MIREA – Russian University of Technology (Moscow, Russia)

A methodical approach to processing images obtained using earth remote sensing spacecraft to solve the problem of searching for oil pollution on the sea surface

A.D. Gavrilov1, A.A. Pilyakin2, A.Yu. Vaskov3, I.R. Son4,  O.V. Platonova5, L.M. Zheleznyak6, S.D. Zharovsky7

1–3 Military Space Academy n. a. A.F. Mozhaisky) (St. Petersburg, Russia)

4–7 MIREA – Russian University of Technology (Moscow, Russia)

ROF network segment control method using chirped optical pulses

I.L. Vinogradova1, P.E. Filatov2, A.M. Komissarov3, Ya.M. Kostsov4, L.Z. Yantilina5

15 Ufa University of Science and Technology (Ufa, Russia)

Digital behavioral model of CHPP operating personnel as a tool for managing the reliability of the human factor

M.V. Alyushin1, V.D. Bitney2, L.V. Kolobashkina3, A.V. Okhlopkov4, L.S. Chudnovsky5

1,3 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow, Russia)

2,4 PJSC Mosenergo (Moscow, Russia)

5 Joint Stock Company Scientific and Production Corporation Precision Instrumentation Systems (Moscow, Russia)

Intelligent system for monitoring the dynamics of information flows

S.S. Antsyferov1, K.N. Fazilova2, M.K. Hanova3

1–3 MIREA – Russian Technological University (Moscow Russia)