Journal Science Intensive Technologies №4 for 2022 year
Materials and components of electronic equipment products
Numerical simulation of electron beam dimensional processing of ceramic substrates

Yangyang Zhuo1, V.N. Maslovsky2, K.M. Moiseev3

1–3 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Modeling biological processes. Methods and instruments
Method for ultrasonic treatment of infected wounds and the device for its implementation

V.V. Sabelnikov1, T.M. Sabelnikova2, V.N. Goryacheva3

1–3 Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia)

Mathematical modeling of physical and mechanical systems
Cooling systems of ship equipment of control computer systems high heat generation power

M.S. Annaeva1, V.V. Sukhov2, O.N. Andreeva3, K.Yu. Lavrov4, E.S. Danilovich5, A.A. Ryzhova6

1–4 Concern Morinformsystem – Agat JSC (Moscow, Russia)
5, 6 MIREA – Russian Technological University (Moscow, Russia)

Information Technologies and Optimization
Scenario approach skills in training information security specialists

V.D. Zhiryakov1, O.Yu. Perfilov2, P.N. Fedorov3

1 MIREA – Russian Technological University (Moscow, Russia)
2 16th Central research testing institute of communications Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
 (Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia)
3 Research Center of Military Academy of Communications, (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of stochastic search algorithms global extremum

A.F. Ulasen’1, I.L. Zhbanov2, A.V. Klyuev3, E.G. Andrianova4, S.G. Daeva5, N.S. Nikolaeva6

1–3 Army Air Defense Military Academy (Smolensk, Russia)
 4,5 MIREA – Russian Technological University (Moscow, Russia)
 6 Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia)

Features of ensuring information security of smart logistics systems at high-tech industrial enterprises

M.S. Ermakov1, K.I. Porsev2, P.I. Abramov3, V.P. Marin4

1,2 Yaroslavl State Technical University (Yaroslavl, Russia)
3 Scientific and Production Association «Orion» (Moscow, Russia)

Environmental problems
Study of the ionizing radiation impact on soil micromycetes

M.V. Zheltonozhskaya1, V.A. Zheltonozhsky2, A.N. Nikitin3, V.V. Rozanov4, A.P. Chernyaev5

1,2,4,5 Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russian Federation)