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Journal Biomedical Radioelectronics №4 for 2010 г.
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Adaptivny Prosthetic Hands: Removal of Control Signals
G. N. Burov, Y. Y. Abu-Janiej
Rehabilitation after amputation of the human upper limb requires the development of prosthetic devices with functions as close to the natural hand man. In the production of modern prosthetic hand selected lightweight structural materials for the prosthesis and developed a management system that allows you to sell a specified number of degrees of mobility. To do this, choose the appropriate elements of the system (controller, inverter, motor, sensors), to develop a method and control algorithm. Currently, the most promising method of control, in our opinion, is a replica of the method. Using the principle of feedback control on parts of actuator, can provide the installation of a two-link actuator at any point in the plane of the working area without visual control the movement of individual units, in this case, the shoulder and forearm, and without details of movements in certain joints. If we consider the possibility to manage two active joints without going into detail of the individual units, you can use the following approach. Each position shoulder girdle in all quadrants of the zone of its full mobility may correspond to the final position of the mobile point of a two-link planar arm mechanism. If the two-tier mechanism to consolidate the outside shoulder girdle, and its terminal unit to connect to the shoulder girdle, it would be appropriate to monitor movement of shoulder girdle in vertically-sagittal plane. The proposed two-tier mechanism may be a specified device. As a result, developed a management system, arm prosthesis, which meets all the requirements set forth.
Pages: 20-24
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