Journal Highly available systems №3 for 2022 year
Class of quantum cryptographic systems AKM2021 based on the use of singlet states of multicubic quantum systems

F.K. Aliev1, A.V. Korolkov2,  E.A. Matveev3

1 Department of Information Systems of the Russian Ministry of Defense (Moscow, Russia)

2 Russian Technological University - MIREA (Moscow, Russia)

3 Scientific and Technical Enterprise «CryptoSoft» (Penza, Russia)

Optimization of the order of hyperparameters of computational cluster by the ant colony method

I.N. Sinitsyn1, Yu.P. Titov2

1,2 FIC «Informatics and Management» RAS (Moscow, Russia),

1,2 Moscow Aviation Institute (Moscow, Russia)

Information singularity as a problem of information security in long-term storage

A.V. Solovyev1

1 Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Emotions from the point of view of the pragmatic theory of information and communication

L.P. Ilieva1, S.D. Iliev2

1 University of Telecommunications and Posts (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2 Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria)

System for distributed training of Kernel forests

D.A. Devyatkin1

1 Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)