Journal Highly available systems №1 for 2021 year
Algorithm for the formation of a scene for visualizing data for HT-devices

A.V. Voronin

FRC «Computer Science and Control» of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

The approach to increasing the efficiency of convolution algorithms in modern high-availability systems

E.I. Goncharov, P.L. Iljin, V.I. Munerman, T.A. Samoylova

Smolensk State University (Smolensk, Russia)

Software tools for analysis and synthesis of stochastic systems with high availability (XI)

I.N. Sinitsyn, V.I. Sinitsyn, E.R. Korepanov, T.D. Konashenkova

FRC «Computer Science and Control» of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Evaluation of the timing covert channel capacity considering packet transfer time distribution

A.I. Belozubova, A.V. Epishkina, K.G. Kogos

 National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI» (Moscow, Russia)