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Journal Biomedical Radioelectronics №7 for 2012 г.
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A comprehensive statistical analysis of HRV based on a modified method of weighted average of conditional
S.G. Gurzhin, A.A. Dunaev, L.P. Zhalnenkova
Kardiointervalogramma - a schedule of consistent changes in heart rate durations. When select the ECG R-wave peaks, the duration of each heart beat constitutes a segment that is located on the vector of time, and on these segments kardiointervalogramme turned 90 degrees, and it turns rhythmogram, clearly showing how the heart rate changes. Diagnostically important information is contained in rhythmogram, that can be obtained by analyzing the electrocardiogram or pulsogram. At the same time the basic information contained in the results of correlation and spectral analysis. In this paper we consider an adaptive method for integrated analysis based on weighted averages of conditioned (VSL). Variance of the normalized correlation function for the weighted conditional average of 2-4 times less, than the method of conditioned medium, identified as the best among others. Were used to estimate the number of computational operations in the indirect method of calculating the normalized spectral density based on the results of correlation analysis method based on adaptive weighted conditional mean, the discrete Fourier transform and fast Fourier transform. The number of multiplications in complex correlation - spectral analysis of the modified method of weighted conditional mean several hundred times less than at the DFT and FFT methods with equal accuracy, and sample analysis. At the Department of Computer Science of the Ryazan State University developed a device for HRV analysis "Diakar 01" based on the synthesis and modification of the method a set of conditioned medium. Developed a modification of the method of weighted conditional mean is adaptive to the form of the density distribution of the studied process, that significantly reduces the amount of computation and to simplify the algorithm and program operation. The developed device is a standalone device, which has access to the computer; memory contains the results of the study 512 patients.
Pages: 44-49
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