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Journal Biomedical Radioelectronics №7 for 2012 г.
Article in number:
The method of the formation of the bioadaptive magnetotherapy influence for the kardio-3D-magnetotherapy realization
N.S. Kharlamova
In an article it is offered to increase considerably the efficiency of treatment by a magnetic field (MF) at the expense of realization of a bioadaptive 3D-magnetotherapy, which consists in impact on bioobject a field which parameters are coordinated with the laws and the directions of course of various processes (chemical, electromagnetic, etc.), with specific features and in parameters of functioning of an organism in time and space. The way of formation of the bioadaptive 3D-magnetotherapy influence, being that if the tax on three windings of the MF 3D-former the currents which form reproduces in time signals from the corresponding assignments of the electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram) bearing information on three projections of a vector loop, not lying in one plane, in local area of influence will be formed by MF which the vector of magnetic induction will reproduce a vector loop of heart in three-dimensional space is developed. Thus, the way of formation of 3D-magnitoterapevtichesky influence with a godograf, repeating a trajectory of movement of an integrated vector of electric activity of heart, is offered. It is proved that for the purpose of increase of accuracy of formation of the bioadaptive 3D-magnetotherapy influence coordinated with a vector of heart, truly the electrocardiogram orthogonal system of assignments (i.e. korrigirovanny assignments according to Frank) must be using. It is offered to call according to physiological sense this group of physiotherapeutic techniques kardio-3D-magnetotherapy influence. Groups of techniques kardio-3D-magnetotherapy influences are developed and their classification is carried out. Possibilities on application of the offered methods in treatment of pathologies of heart are shown. The mathematical methods, giving the chance to coordinate coordinate of a vector of a magnetic induction with a heart vector for each of the offered techniques are described. The main advantage of this work, that it will promote development of the new direction of physiotherapy - bioadaptive 3D-magnetotherapy. The offered approach to formation of the magnetic field, coordinated with parameters of bioobject in time and space, will allow to create physiotherapeutic devices of new generation, that can make essential impact on search of effective methods of treatment of various diseases.
Pages: 28-37
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