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Journal Biomedical Radioelectronics №4 for 2010 г.
Article in number:
Systems of Clinicodiagnostic Laboratory Experts Decision Making Support
Chair of biomedical electronics and preservation of the environment of St.Petersburg State electrotecnical university "LETI" carries out systems of clinical laboratory doctors and clinicists decision making support for several years. Some of the systems are considered in this article. Major task of medical laboratory analysis is to obtain objective diagnostical information on composition and properties of biological tests caracterising functional state of a patient`s organism. Laboratory analysis that used to represent few е tests, is connected with complicated medical technologies now. Professional duties of clinicodiagnostic laboratory (KDL) experts are various: they realise research programs, conduct consultations and conferences of specialist doctors, introduce new methods, devices and reagents, are engaged in training and retraining of specialists. Besides permanent perfection of knowledge basis and new technologies of analitical research introduction occur. That`s why extensive introduction of computers providing informational support seems to be promising direction in using personal computers in clinicodiagnostic laboratories. Two stages of the clinical diagnostic laboratory computerizing are considered. First the program for the computer net "Information streams CDL" was developed, second the program for the quality control inside the laboratory (LabQuality) was developed.
Pages: 57-61
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