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Journal Antennas

Editor: Editor-in-Chief Corresponding member of RAS Vladimir S. VERBA
Periodicity: 6 issues per year
ISSN: 0320-9601
"Press of Russia" - index: 83826

International scientific, technical and theoretical journal, publishes original and review articles on the main areas of theory and technology of antennas, feeder devices and microwave electrodynamics.

Founded by A.A. Pistolkors

Sections of the journal:

  • electrodynamic theory of antennas;
  • antenna synthesis;
  • mirror and hybrid antennas;
  • antenna arrays (active, passive, adaptive, conformal, phased);
  • weakly directional antennas;
  • ultra-wideband antennas;
  • strip printed antennas;
  • antennas for space vehicles;
  • antennas for radio astronomy and space communications;
  • feeder devices;
  • semiconductor and ferrite devices;
  • designs and production technologies of antenna and feeder devices;
  • antenna and feeder measurements;
  • information and reference material. 

Established in 1966.