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Journal Nanotechnology : the development , application - XXI Century

Editor: Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Prof. Alexandr G. Gudkov
Periodicity: 4 issues per year
ISSN: 2225-0980
"Press of Russia" - index: 32633

The international scientific and technical journal "Nanotechnology : the
development , application - XXI Century" covers the following questions:

  • Physical and physico-chemical processes and phenomenas in the nanostructured materials .
  • Nanotechnology problems; methodological issues of researching and applications at the various branches of engineering.
  • Nanomedicine and medical nanorobots.
  • Nanoelectronics in radar systems.
  • Nanoelectromechanical systems, additive technologies.
  • Element base of nanoelectronics.

 Established in 2009.