Journal Highly available systems №1 for 2023 year
Self-timed pipeline optimization

Yu.A. Stepchenkov1, Yu.G. Diachenko2, N.V. Morozov3, D.Yu. Stepchenkov4, D.V. Khilko5, D.Yu. Diachenko6

1–6 FRC “Computer Science and Control” of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Mathematical foundations for the application of quantum photonic computer technology for solving computational problems of high-availability systems

F.K. Aliev1, A.P. Baranov2, A.V. Ivakhin3, A.V. Korolkov4, V.I. Rudskoy5, A.G. Sentsov6

1 Department of Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)
2 JSC «Design Bureau «Korund-M» (Moscow, Russia)
3 JSC «SberTech» (Moscow, Russia)
4 FSBI VO Russian Technological University – MIREA (Moscow, Russia)
5 Technical Committee (TC26) «Cryptography and security mechanisms» (Moscow, Russia)
6 Institute of Nanotechnologies of Microelectronics RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Probabilistic security models Blockchain technologies with a small number of participants

V.M. Fomichev1, I.V. Semibratov2

1 Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation, Leading Research Scientist,
Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control", RAS
2 Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation

System analysis of educational digital ecosystems in the agro-industrial complex

V.I. Budzko1, V.I. Medennikov2

1 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow, Russia)
1,2 Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

Investigation of algorithms for cyclic search for additional solutions when optimizing the order of hyperparameters by the ant colony method

I.N. Sinitsyn1, Yu.P. Titov2 

1,2 FIC «Informatics and Management» RAS (Moscow, Russia)
1,2 Moscow Aviation Institute (Moscow, Russia)