Journal Highly available systems №2 for 2021 year
Incompatimic model of anomaly detection on different panoramas

O.P. Arkhipov, M.V. Tsukanov

Oryol Branch of Federal Research Center “Informatics and Management” of RAS (Oryol, Russia)

Software tools for analysis and synthesis of stochastic systems with high availability (XII)

I.N. Sinitsyn, V.I. Sinitsyn, E.R. Korepanov, T.D. Konashenkova

FRC «Computer Science and Control» of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Cluster analysis of information system users based on keyboard dynamics characteristics

A.P. Karpenko, Yu.V. Yamchenko, D.S. Dubrovkin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia)

Early recognizing of a hurricanes from public satellite images

A.A. Kuzmitsky, M.I. Truphanov, O.B. Tarasova, D.V. Fedosenko

Design Information Technologies Center of RAS (Odintsovo, Moscow region, Russia)