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Journal Electromagnetic Waves and Electronic Systems

Editor: Vladivir A. Cherepenin - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Periodicity: 6 issues per year
ISSN: 1560-4128
"Press of Russia" - index: 83822

International scientific, technical and theoretical journal. The purpose of the journal is to cover a wide range of original ideas and results of scientific research by leading Russian and foreign experts in the following areas:

  • new mathematical methods; mathematical modeling of physical processes;
  • space instrumentation, remote sensing of inhomogeneous media;
  • space radiophysics, physics and technology of the microwave range;
  • millimeter and submillimeter waves;
  • new microwave materials and their application;
  • electrodynamics of artificial media and structures;
  • fundamental principles of the theory and synthesis of antennas;
  • excitation, scattering and propagation of waves in a wide frequency spectrum on objects of simple and complex shape;
  • development of new approaches to the problems of electrodynamics of low-temperature and high-temperature superconducting structures;
  • the use of radar and RMS systems with digital antenna aperture synthesis for remote sensing of underlying surfaces;
  • satellite communication systems, metrology issues;
  • problems of modern cosmology, mathematical and radiophysical methods in biology and medicine;
  • R-functions, atomic functions, wavelets, fractals and chaos;
  • laser physics;
  • plasma physics;
  • physical fundamentals of instrumentation;
  • statistical radiophysics

Established in 1996.