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"Publishing house Radiotekhnika":
scientific and technical literature.
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Publishing house "Radiotekhnika" publishes scientific and technical journals, digest and books.

Radiotekhnika's papers cover theory and practice of radiotechnics and radiophysics, biomedical tecnologies, artificial intelligence, information systems and etc.

We publishing summaries of all papers in russian and english languages.

Editorial Policy

  • provide scientists to publish their findings in an atmosphere of transparency and openness on scientific perspective;
  • promote an open scientific debate in order to improve the quality of scientific research, the effectiveness of the study papers, identify the scientific capacity for the introduction of the advanced achievements of science;
  • draw attention to the most relevant perspective and interesting areas of economic science;
  • ensure interoperability and to attract the leading Russian and foreign scientists to publications in the journals of the Publisher, facilitate the exchange of ideas between researchers from different scientific schools from different regions and States;
  • provide an opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of knowledge between leading scientists and practitioners.

The Publisher's journals subject area is established on the basis of the nomenclature of specialties of researchers in economics, finance, economic and mathematic methods, accounting, taxation, and laws, taking into account the specific characteristics of each particular journal.

The Publisher's Editorial Policy is based on the traditional ethical principles of scientific periodicals, developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for editors, reviewers and authors.


The Publisher's Editorial Policy includes 3 parts:


  • Publishing ethics
  • Regulations on manuscripts review procedure
  • Manuscript publication conditions


The relationships of all parties (Publisher's Employees, Editors, Authors, and Reviewers) are based on respect for the Publishing Ethics of the Publisher.

Admission, checking and preliminary consideration of manuscripts submitted by the Authors to publish in the Publisher's journals is carried out by the Executive Editor of the Publisher.

The Executive Editor shall audit the material submitted by the Author for compliance with the Manuscript publication conditions, published on the Publisher's website and which are mandatory for the Authors.

Manuscripts, including accompanying documents, that do not conform to the requirements of the Publisher shall be rejected, and the Author shall be informed of the necessity to bring the materials (manuscripts and/or accompanying documents) in compliance with the requirements of the Publisher (Publication conditions).

In order to ensure the quality of published material and copyright compliance, all received manuscripts drawn up in accordance with the terms of the Publisher shall get authenticated through the automated manuscript check systems for borrowing (Antiplagiat, etc.), and after that only they shall be sent out for review.

All accepted manuscripts are edited in accordance with the requirements for publication of scientific literature.

By submitting their manuscripts for publication in scientific journals of the Publisher, the Authors thus have expressed their consent to the following:

  • publication of the manuscripts in the Publisher's scientific journals;
  • publication of the articles (of the published manuscripts) for open access on the Publisher's website on the Internet;
  • transmission of the text of the article (including bibliographic information, links, etc.) to individuals and entities providing the information of which is mandatory;
  • transmission of the text of the article (including bibliographic information, links, etc.) to other persons to better the publication citation and citation index of the Authors and Publisher's scientific journals.

The Authors are fully responsible for the articles actual materials.

The manuscripts accepted for publication shall not be returned to the Authors.

The manuscripts that received a negative assessment of the review, and refused by the Publisher shall not be published and shall not be returned to the Authors. The Publisher shall not retain the rejected manuscripts.

The Publisher shall have the right to agree with the Author to make cuts and edit the manuscript.

Reprinting, posting or distributing of the materials published and/or placed on the Publisher's official website without the prior written consent or permission of the Publisher is prohibited.

Our address:

107031, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kuznetsky Most, 20/6

tel. +7 (495) 625-9241


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