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Journal Antennas

Editor in chief

Corresponding Member of RAS  Verba V.S.

The periodicity - 12.

Included in VAK.


«Press of Russia» - index 83826.

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ISSN 0320-9601.

«Antenny» (Antennas) is a scientific and technical journal on main areas of antenna and feeder devices theory and engineering. Established in 1966.

Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. A.P. Kurochkin


Academician RAS Yu.V. Gulyaev; Corresponding Member RAS V.S. Verba; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.B. Avdeev; Ph.D. (Eng.) A.O. Boryssenko(USA); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. S.A. Bukashkin; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. A.L. Buzov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.V. Chebyshev; Ph.D. Jin Mingly (PRC); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.A. Kashin; Prof. Kees van't Klooster (the Netherlands); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. A.I. Kozlov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.P. Kudzin (Belarus); Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Prof. O.S. Litvinov; Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.) V.F. Los' (First Deputy Editor); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.P. Meshchanov;
Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.A. Obukhovets (Deputy Editor); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. O.Yu. Perfilov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. S.B. Raevskii; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. V.A. Sarychev; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. D.M. Sazonov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.) K.S. Shcheglov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. Ya.S. Shifrin (Ukraine); Ph.D. (Eng.) A.V. Shishlov; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. G.P. Slukin; Ph.D. Uhm Manseok (the Republic of Korea); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. A.D. Vinogradov (Deputy Editor); Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. D.I. Voskresenskii; Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Prof. D.F. Zaitsev

May 29, 2020

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