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Low-frequnecy magnetic field influence on Daphnia magna Straus survival rate in presence of phenol


A.V. Rzyanina, A.D. Usanov

At present extensive experimental information about magnetic field effect upon different biological objects has been accumulated. Nevertheless the mechanism of such influence has been studied insufficiently. For this reason it is important to conduct versatile investigations of such effect upon different vital functions indicators of biological objects. We held a study of 25 mT induction and 6 Hz frequency (close to Daphnia average heartbeat) alternating magnetic field action upon Daphnia survival rate when put into phenol solution of different concentration. To define the Daphnia survival rate a computer complex for micro- and nanometer structures dimension control was used. For the experiment the Daphnias were put into two breakers with 114 mg/l phenol solution. The phenol solution concentration was selected to cause water flea total death within 1.5 hours since putting them into the solution with no magnetic field action. The water fleas were divided into two – experimental and control – groups of 18 individuals each. During 2 hours the Daphnias image was reordered. The obtained information was processed with the computer complex for micro- and nanometer structures dimension control. The computer complex for micro- and nanometer structures dimension control is intended for microscopical images analysis. It helps to process videodata based on computer analysis methods, plot, store in the database and display bar graphs for micro-objects distribution according to size and color. It was revealed that 25 mT induction and 6 Hz low frequency alternating magnetic field action decreases the toxic effect of phenol upon the survival rate of Daphnia. The death of Daphnias placed into the phenol solution with the alterating magnetic field action with the above set parameters comes significantly (50 minutes) later than those put into the phenol solution without any magnetic field action.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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