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Modelling and Optimization MOS-Structures Analog IC


A.V. Turetsky

Integrated circuit (IC) on the basis of transistors with structure metal - a oxide - the semiconductor (МOS) have received now a wide circulation. It is promoted by a number of essential features of the MOS-TRANSISTOR such as, simplicity of manufacturing techniques, high density of packing in IC, small power consumption, possibility of use of the MOS-TRANSISTOR as electric the operated loading resistor, etc. In the majority of known works the analysis and optimization IC is spent basically for digital IC while to a modeling and optimization question MOS - structures analog IC till now it was not given sufficient attention in researches and by working out of computer design aids. In this connection the decision of questions of increase of efficiency of process circuitry designing of MOS IC by modeling and optimi-zation MOS-structures is rather important. Thus, working out of methods and the means, allowing to create on the basis of industrial packages the integrated complex схемотехнического designing of analog MOS IC of amplifiers, is an actual problem. For modeling of target parameters expressions are received for: Target conductivity of the transistor for saturation area at constant pressure on a shutter; Receptions of factor of strengthening of the transistor in the sated mode; Minimum factor of noise for a saturation case. On the basis of electric nonlinear and small-signal models, models of different schemes of inclusion of the MOS-TRANSISTOR in the amplifier having two types of loading - the diffusive resistor and MDP - the resistor, model cascode inclusions of the transistors are developed, allowing to estimate intensifying and frequency properties of the amplifier. The method of the decision of a problem of nonlinear programming to which the problem of modeling and optimization of MOS-STRUCTURES is reduced is chosen. As the most simple and fast is chosen a method of penal functions with decreasing value of pa-rameter of the penalty. On the basis of the offered structure of a complex of modeling and optimization of MOS-STRUCTURES analog IC, the developed mathematical models, methods and algorithms the software of a program complex allowing in a complex to solve a problem of modeling and optimization of MOS-STRUCTURES at схемотехническом designing analog IC is created.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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