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Management Information System if the Robots on the Base of Unmanned Aeral Vihicle


L.S. Ochneva, N.E. Samojlenko, A.V. Firov, A.A. Tchaplygin

In modern conditions the urgency of application of pilotless flying machines or unmanned aeral vihicle (UAV) in military and in civil sphere is quite obvious. Possibilities UAV in many respects depend on such parameter as flight height. At height of 20-30 km the pilotless plane can compete to the companion. Pilotless planes can incur functions of satellite grouping and carry out them in a mode of real time within the limits of the whole region. The basic criterion of a choice of type of flying machines - cost. Thanks to prompt development of computer facilities «stuffing» - onboard computers UAV has essentially fallen in price. On IХ UAV international conference, passed in 2001 in France, the thought that in 2010-2015 fighting operations will be reduced to war of the automated systems, that is to an antagonism of robots has sounded. For performance of problems UAV set forth above should incorporate onboard equipment with which help it can receive the information and in a mode of real time to transfer it to point of management for processing and acceptance of adequate decisions. Interest to UAV is caused by their profitability at operation, elimination of risk for life of crew, restrictions on the operational loadings, defined by physiological possibilities of the person, possibility to conduct supervision from set of points during the short period of time. Feature of application UAV is possibility of continuous supervision of a surface and air space at the big removal of object of supervision by means of various gages. The managtment information system (MIS) is used in robotics means on the basis of the UAV for continuous management of all functions and devices from mobile or motionless point of management, and also for realization of the functional purposes in an automatic mode according to put in its control system of algorithm and functioning programs. At management from management point all functions of management by functional behavior of the flying machine are given the operator on the earth, and at an automatic mode all functions of management are defined by a program complex and a database.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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