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Principles of Construction of Subsystems of Program Support of Decision-Making in Problems of Automation of Designing and Training of CAD/CAE Systems Users


N.E. Samojlenko, L.S. Ochneva

In a number of problems of the automated designing and training there is a problem of the organization of effective program support of decision-making by the user of CAD/CAE system. In the present work the structure and a base technique of conducting projects and their optimization with application of the adaptive integrated intellectual environment is offered. The generality of mathematical statement of problems of decision-making in the automated systems of different function as multicriteria problems of optimum synthesis supposes application of the unified methodological approach which is based on application of a method of research of space of parameters (PSI-method) on the basis of LP -sequences. Use of the modified method of synchronous trajectories is offered. And also multidimensional interpretation of algorithms «wanderings on spheres» a method of statistical tests as procedures of synthesis of trial points of space of parameters of an optimizing problem that provides natural possibility of the organization of parallel calculations in case of a great number of operated parameters without problem data to однокритериальной and without restrictions in the generalized criterion function. Thus the set of Pareto etc. isn't imposed almost any restrictions by sight criteria, restrictions, Also there is a possibility of dynamic correction of statement of a solved optimizing problem in the course of actually optimization. As the base approach to decision-making automation the complex adaptive method consisting in creation of universal combined procedure of decision-making on the basis of a heuristic method by Marvin Minskiy (sharing heuristic, intellectual methods and the formalized regular approach) is chosen. For each direction of researches synthesis of the intellectual automated system of support of the decision-making, constructed on the basis of the uniform methodological approach is realized.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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