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Synthesis of Comb-Like Aperture of the Antenna Leaky Wave


A.V. Ostankov

The technique of synthesis of the radiating antenna aperture diffraction leaky waves based on the use of numerical model of the scattering of a given surface-wave planar dielectric waveguide (E-and H-inferior type) at the end a shaped comb placed in the screen. As an optimization procedure to achieve the global extremum of the objective function used in the modification of the genetic algorithm. The developed method allows to find the period and shape of the depth profile of the comb, thickness, and the impact parameter of a dielectric waveguide for maximum efficiency (or minimum level of side radiation) antenna in a given direction. The results of testing demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness methodology. In particular, for given directions of radiation, different from the normal, level of efficiency attained by an antenna length of 17 to 24 wavelengths, reduced to the cosine of the angle of radiation was 0.8 at the maximum side-lobe «minus» 20 dB and the normalized ratio of the standing wave less than 1.1.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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