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Features Radio-Electronic Modules Mechanical Characteristics Modelling Process in System Pro/ENGINEER


O.Y. Makarov, A.V. Turetsky, I.A. Lozovoy, O.V. Kudelin

The complex of characteristics of designs REM which is subject to the analysis by means of modern computer design aids, includes three basic components: thermal characteristics, mechanical characteristics and characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility. The considerable part of such characteristics can be carried to typical that allows to receive and investigate them by means of the corresponding software of the modelling which are a part of automated complexes, including Pro/Engineer and Ansys. Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica it is component САЕ of the tool giving the chance for carrying out of the analysis of mechanical and thermal characteristics of physical model with use of virtual 3D-models, allows to define critical values of parametres of model at various influences and on the basis of the received results of the analysis to change the project. The dynamic time analysis measures the answer of system to acyclic or impulsive loading with time dependence. Entrance loadings take the form of time dependence. In the dynamic analysis of time Mechanica calculates displacement, speed, accelerations, and pressure in model at various times in reply to the loadings changing in due course. There is a possibility of viewing of all calculated values in everyone, chosen, the moment of time. The dynamic frequency analysis investigates the answer of system to loadings periodically or cyclically dependent on frequency. Loadings take the form according to function of the entered frequency with corresponding amplitudes. In the dynamic frequency analysis module Mechanica calculates amplitudes and phases of displacement, speeds, accelerations, and shows the answer of model to the loadings fluctuating in various frequencies. It is used for the analysis of stability, action of force, for example, cyclic loading. The dynamic casual analysis measures the answer of system in relation to function of spectral density (PSD). Entrance loadings – functions of spectral density of force or acceleration on a range of frequencies. In dynamic casual analysis Mechanica calculates values of influence of a spectrum of influences and mean squared values of movings, speeds, accelerations. The dynamic shock analysis measures the answer of system to reaction to a spectrum. Entrance loading – the basic excitation with a spectrum of reaction of displacement, speed, or acceleration. The dynamic shock analysis is not used for pulse loadings which change concerning time. The contract design of optimisation regulates one or more variable that is better to reach the specified purpose or to check up feasibility of the project. Mechanica operates variables of model in a series of iterations by means of which the result of process as much as possible comes nearer to the purpose, taking into account any limits.

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