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Bragg mirrors basic properties and properties of SMR on bragg mirror


D.V. Popova, G.D. Mansfeld

A number of regularities inherent in acoustic Bragg structures and microwave resonators manu factured on their basis are revealed. It is found out that, even in the case of a relatively small number of struc ture layers, the width of the forbidden gap is the same as for an infinite number of layers. The resonator eigen-frequencies are found to be dependent on not only the resonance frequency of the intrinsic resonator, which is determined by only the resonator thickness and the sound velocity, but also on the position of this resonance frequency in the forbidden gap. The existence of additional quasi-harmonic modes whose frequencies are close to harmonics of the calculated frequency and are nonlinearly dependent on this frequency is shown.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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