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Comprehensive approach for solving algorithms efficiency analysis, synthesis and multiprocessor signal problem in mobile multi-service systems


R.R. Faizullin

High intelligence of the modern mobile cellular communication systems and networks is an effect of successful telecommunication and information technologies convergence as well as high speed dynamic and anisochronous data transportation under given degree of reliability in different channel conditions with different noise compositions. Progressive development of multimedia services requires additional technical-organizational approach to provide high-speed reliable integral burst-type traffic in complex dynamic conditions of information interaction for new Mobile Multiservice Info Communication System (MMIS) class. The practical realization is connected with new complex algorithmic and firmware implementation solutions in different function levels of system. These decisions can be determined by appropriate mathematical techniques selection that sufficiently describes MMIS signal-to-noise radio environment as well as by formalized structure synthesis techniques of optimal and quasi-optimal broadband signal processing and balanced multiprocessing computational units as a physical implementation. It’s proposed to utilize joint technique that combines research, analysis, synthesis and new generation unitized Mobile Multiservice Info Communication System (MMIS) firmware. It provide better performance that imply comprehensive approach based on election and development of appropriate mathematical models and formalized algorithmic and structure synthesis techniques in relation to parallel poly-Gaussian multielement signal processing algorithms and structures that implement this algorithms efficiently. The proposed approach allows to combine autonomous subsystems in one common transparent design cycle, which implies appropriate mathematical models selection, methodical and circuit layout, physical and statistical simulations, engineering development, industrial engineering and test operations of wide range signal processing devices. Clear of designer’s subjectivism this approach operate with synthetic factors and include only objective association of systems’ attributes. This association implies only interference of decisions, that are accepted in different development stages.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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