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The device of remote management and monitoring of modular type GPS/GLONASS/GSM


A. L. Ganjushkin, E. A. Bolvachyov, V. A. Ignatjuk

The control mean and monitoring by various processes by means GPS/ GLONASS and GSM the modules located on the basic platform and realised on the basis of microcontroller ATMEGA/ATXMEGA is developed. The dynamic algorithm of data transmission on GPRS to the channel, describing control modes is resulted. The given algorithm allows not to overload a communication channel, that in turn means reliability of data transmission, minimisation of probability of errors during data transmission and as allows to save the traffic.Рассмотрен the multipurpose report of management of various objects with use of remote access. The original algorithm of work of system is developed, the functional blocks of the device providing its performance, and necessary element base are described. For this purpose, that modules would be согласованны with the controller and all necessary data transferred, on the GSM/GPRS-module transfer of special commands under report NMEA in standard ANSI to the coding is provided. The optimum architecture is developed for data exchange between modules and the controller, allowing to transfer on one line of communication (USART1) simultaneously some various data flows. Following modules and gauges will be connected to a platform: the GPS/GLONASS-module, the GSM/GPRS-module, the relay module and the gauge of level of fuel. Advantages of the given technique in comparison with the available are underlined.

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