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Simulation of digital signal processing devices on the system design stage


M. N. Ushkar, A. I. Filatova

The article presents the main difficulty arising in the system design stage digital signal processing devices. The aim is to improve the quality of the design by selecting a mathematical device simulation of digital signal processing devices (DSPD) on the system design stage. Proceeding from the peculiarities of functioning DSPD, makes the following demands to the mathematical apparatus: the ability to describe discrete devices; the possibility of modeling concurrent processes, taking into account the interaction and synchronization between them; Coordination with the method of top-down design using decomposition of the general problem into a number of subtasks, each of which can be solved independently of the other subject to certain rules of implementation of the action on the boundaries of sub-tasks; to simulate the functional hierarchy DSPD; the possibility of modeling the dynamics of the device, taking into account the physical characteristics of the elements that perform DSPD, which will assess the adequacy of the functioning of the device, including the time required for compliance with technical requirements at the stage of system design, when not yet determined the final shape of the device. The article shows that most fully satisfy the claims submitted to the functioning of DSPD hierarchical networks and their extension – a strictly hierarchical Petri nets. The paper proposed a technique for modeling the graph scheme of algorithm (FSA) is strictly hierarchical networks, considered as an example of the algorithm spectral analysis. It is shown that the proposed technique provides an adequate transition to Petri nets.

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