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On meaningful use of ehr systems


I. V. Emelin, B. V. Zingerman, G. S. Lebedev

Modernization of public health services of the Russian Federation includes modernization health information system. For the modernization regional information systems and for creation of The Uniform State health information system sphere special value is got by a problem of working out and introduction of an electronic health record (EHR). Necessity of application EHR is caused, at least, by following factors: ● The Information on health of the patient should be accessible worldwide; ● The Information should be consistent and accessible in full; ● The Information should be received operatively; ● The Information should be is presented conveniently, structured, according to the accepted technique of registration of medical documents; ● The Information should be interpreted in various languages; ● The Information should be active, i.e. support the automated decision-making for the help to the attending physician about a state of health of the patient. Therefore by working out of requirements to EHR it is necessary to consider both the Russian realities, and foreign experience, including working out of requirements and techniques of an estimation of conformity to these standards. Also it is necessary to develop target indicators of use EHR in public health services. In the present article one of possible decisions of this problem, the received name of constructive application of systems of conducting EHR is discussed.

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