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Approaches to creating intelligent tutoring system of studing russian language for vietnamese students


A.P. Eremeev, Q.H. Duong

In article the problem of creation of intelligent tutoring system (ITS) of teaching Russian language on an example of the Vietnamese students is considered. The Vietnamese and Russian languages strongly differ from each other and the Vietnamese students test many difficulties in Russian studying. Therefore creation ITS is necessary, helping trained to master Russian individually and effectively. The basic attention is given to the model of the student considering individual ability of each student during education. Russian is one of difficultly studied languages. For simplification of process of mastering Russian were a number of computer tutoring systems which help foreign trained to study Russian is created. Such training systems considerably reduce an operating time of those who wishes to study Russian independently. However in the considered programs there are no functions of definition of current knowledge and ability of the trainee which are necessary in the course of tutoring. It leads to that the trainee can not possess that knowledge as which he considers unnecessary. Check of level of knowledge and ability of the trainee before training is necessary. Such possibilities of the person (trainee) it is widely investigated in artificial intelligence at modeling of activity of the trainee in the course of training. ITS, including ITS to Russian of foreigners necessarily should contain model of the trainee. Now on chair of applied mathematics of National research university MPEI (TU) base software ITS to Russian of foreigners (on an example of the Vietnamese students) with use of technology of computer tutorials and artificial intelligence are realized.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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