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The analysis of technologies of modeling of information resources of territorially distributed automated systems


O. A. Bisterfeld

Dynamics of public processes demands the considerable acceleration of development of application programs and databases, lowering of labor input and a possibility of their perfection while in service, escalatings or changes of functions at change of requirements to them from users. Now in engineering practice at creation of information systems the modeling approach is very widely used. Research of methods and the principles necessary for modeling of information resources, is required for perfection of technology of development of structures of databases of territorially distributed information systems. In article the review of the most widespread methods of information modeling is fulfilled, approaches used in them are analyzed. Also principles, effective for creation of models of other assignment (functional, threading models of the data, processes, etc.) which can be borrowed by development of new methods of modeling of information resources of the automated systems are considered. Set used in known methods of modeling of main principles which have provided suc-cessful application of models at creation of information systems is selected and are perspective from the point of view of development of methods of relational data modeling.

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