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The synthesis of fuzzy controllers for control systems of heat carries temperature


G. N. Arsen’ev, V. Yu. Tereshchenko

The purpose of this work is to develop a system of automatic regulation of flow and coolant temperature at the mixer output with changes in temperature and volume of the original mixed media. Given coolant temperature TK is supported by the mixing of the two original components. During the operation the mixer volume regulated costs of initial coolant while maintaining a given coolant flow at the mixer output, equal to V. A block diagram of a multiply temperature control system and the coolant flow rate and its mathematical model with fuzzy controllers, made in the system MATLAB, is composed. A synthesis of fuzzy controllers is produced using the formulas for the triangular membership functions [4, 5] with the quantization step h. There is the structural scheme of the normalization of input units (normin) and output (normout) controller parameters assembled. The method of dynamic optimization is used when setting up the fuzzy controllers, which allows you to adjust system parameters, based on certain constraints on the timing characteristics: control time and overshoot for the reaction to the step input or the limits of the current tracking error. In the central block of the fuzzy controller Fuzzy Logic Controller membership functions are selected and rules are defined. As a result of set up, the optimal parameters of fuzzy controllers is obtained. Constructed waveform setting the coolant temperature at the mixer output when applied to the input source coolants: steam and cold water, as well as changes in volume flow waveform of the initial components for a given volume at the mixer output.

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