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Trajectory control of dual position systems providing semiactive synthetic array aperture


V. I. Merkulov

Algorithms of trajectory control of dual position system for semiactive guidance on ground targets are proposed. The algorithms provide synthetic array aperture on the receiving (strike) position with constant linear azimuthal resolution achieved by flying the transmitting position in a special trajectory. The proposed algorithms are based on mathematical apparatus of statistical theory of optimal control with usage of local quality functional. The proposed results are achieved providing receiving position estimates target-to-strike position line of sight rate and distance , while transmitting position estimates target-to-informative position line of sight rate and distance . Moreover, such dual position guidance system estimation of target-to-strike position line of sight rate should be transferred from the receiving position to the transmitting position. A significant simplification of trajectory control system as a whole is the usage of proportional guidance method on the strike position, resulting in elimination of the information exchange between the positions.

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