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The concept of creation of automated system for monitoring and controlling energy efficiency on structure of Moscow


S. P. Kovalyov, S. S. Parondzhanov

Describes the concept of an automated system for monitoring and managing energy efficiency at the facilities of the city of Moscow, on the basis of pervasive approach to the construction of global systems - information exchange between system components, which themselves are large-scale systems. The main objectives of the concept is to create a centralized automated process control systems of consumption and regulation of the dynamics of energy consumption, ensuring continuous monitoring of the implementation of energy saving measures, the achievement of targets and execution of orders across the vertical management of fuel and energy sector in Moscow. Describes the architecture of a single integrated automated information system for monitoring and performance management of energy saving (SIAIS ES), the composition of its subsystems and related systems of state, municipal and jurisdictional level. Study, the functional structure of systems comprising SIAIS ES and the scheme of interaction between subsystems SIAIS ES and external systems. Describes the objectives and main functions of all systems included in the SIAIS ES.

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