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Intelligent simulation system: applications in research and educational process


A. P. Yeremeyev, G. V. Rybina, P. V. Grechkina

Intelligent control ideas focus on construction of new generation automatic control systems based on artificial intelligence models, Creation of simulation models of systems is quite complex and at the same time the creative process, requiring the developer to deep knowledge of the problem area, mathematical tools, modeling tools, a clear understanding of the objectives of assigned tasks, the ability to find innovative solutions. In fact, it is the imitation of human decision-making, so the intellectualization of simulation process is now an urgent task, especially in the context of development special tools for this purpose. Since in this area made the first steps, it is particularly important to the study, use and development of unique domestic developments - such as the RAO, the AT-TECHNOLOGY and some others. In the context of this paper describes the experience of the application of intelligent simulation system RAO (Resources-Activities-Operations) and RDO method in scientific research and educational process of the two universities that train specialists in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent systems.

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