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Dynamic integrated expert systems: modern facilities of AT-TECHNOLOGY workbench


G. V. Rybina, D. V. Demidov, D. I. Shantzer, A. V. Mozgachev

In mid 90s task-oriented methodology of construction of new intelligent systems class– integrated expert systems in static and dynamic problem areas, was created by G.V. Rybina. In framework of task-oriented methodology interrelated models, methods, procedures and algorithms of automated IES construction at all stages of life cycle, from knowledge extraction from different knowledge sources to configuration and testing of IES prototypes, were developed, theoretically justified and experimentally checked. Based on this methodology were created program technology and tools of new generation – knowledge engineer’s workbench (complex AT-TECHNOLOGY). In the intervening period by using task-oriented methodology and three generations of complex AT-TECHNOLOGY a few applied IES (for diagnosis, designing, planning, controlling and tutoring problems) were developed. In these IES within single IES program architecture wide range of models and formalized and unformalized problems solving methods are used together. To the current time areas of practical task-oriented methodology usage have greatly expanded, and instrumental tools in complex AT-TECHNOLOGY have greatly improved. That’s why it has become possible to use task-oriented methodology for creation dynamic IES, i.e. IES, that uses dynamic subject area and solving dynamic problems. Possibilities of task-oriented methodology and new version of complex AT-TECHNOLOGY application to construction of dynamic IES analysis is in focus of this paper.

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