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Modeling of resolution of a path of digital processing of reciprocal signals of a secondary radar


V. K. Fedorov, A. N. Nikolaev

Article is devoted to questions of mathematical modeling of a path of digital processing of reciprocal signals in systems of a radar-location with the active answer. It is shown that mathematical modeling is economic way to check up quality of functioning of radio-electronic equipment at a stage of its designing and debugging and it is expedient also because it allows to facilitate synthesis and the analysis of algorithms of processing of the signals, realization of which assumes the use of digital computers. One of the problems of a secondary radar-location is a permission problem on range of the several aircrafts which are on one direction concerning a requester is in detail considered. Resolution on range depends on a number of factors - duration and a relative positioning of impulses as a part of reciprocal parcels, amplitude of impulses in reciprocal parcels, structures of a reciprocal signal. The problem to resolve on range some the purposes which are on one direction, considerably becomes complicated in a situation at which impulses in reciprocal signals are partially imposed. Depending on degree of imposing of impulses, their amplitudes and because of different bearing frequencies of respondents, the information on an input of signal processing can be considerably deformed. In article the mathematical model and results of modeling of imposing of impulses of reciprocal signals SSR identical and different amplitudes are considered at various dispersion impulses on time (range) in program Mathcad 14. It is noticed that the developed mathematical model was used by developers of LEMZ R&P Corp. at creation of some products which natural tests have completely confirmed results of modeling.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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