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Fundamental and applied problems of powerful radiowaves impact on the ionosphere


S. I. Kozlov, V. M. Sorokin

The most important up-to-date scientific and applied problems in the researches of powerful radio waves impact to the ionosphere have been formulated and substantiated based on the analysis of numerous theoretical and experimental works. The main emphasis of our review was placed on the four high latitude HF heating facilities: HAARP, HIPAS, SPEAR and Heating. The following scientific problems are discussed: (i) geophysical conditions for electron precipitation from the magnetosphere and the radiation belts; (ii) models for the powerful radio wave impact to the disturbed high latitude ionosphere; (iii) possibility of the air breakdown by HAARP at different altitudes; (iv) assessment of influence on phenomena in the ionosphere of the north magnetic pole displacement; (v) improvement of models for the radio waves propagation in the Earth – ionosphere waveguide and in the ground and water; (vi) experimental observation of the superluminal moving of interfering events image generated by closed located HAARP and HIPAS or Heating and SPEAR. Apart from the well known significant influence on radio wave propagation of the ionosphere disturbed by HF heating facilities there are exist the following applied problems: (i) possibility of the information transferring to the underground and underwater objects and their monitoring; (ii) assessment of the placement region of HF heating devices with different technical parameters; (iii) determination of optimum conditions to formation of the auroral perturbations; (iv) identification of the interaction between HF heating devices at its simultaneous actions. It is noted that HF heating facilities can be the means of influence on space devices and the first step for creation of anti-missile defense based on the new physical principles
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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