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Electrodynamics Analysis of Multilayer Periodical Multistrip and Multislot Waveguide Structures


I. V. Donets, S. M. Tsvetkovskaya

Electrodynamics method for analysis of complex waveguide planar multilayer periodical structures containing two kinds of periodical elements: strips and slots, was created. The method is generalization of earlier published techniques for structures including either strips or slots. The method is based on solution of integral equations (IE) in spectral domain. IE are solved by the Galerkin method with basis functions which satisfy field behavior in the vicinity of metal edge. Results verification was done by the comparison with output data of software based on finite element analysis. The method has high precision and does not require big computer resources. Eeigenmodes of rectangular waveguide with periodical insertions in the form of rectangular strips and slots was analyzed.

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