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The Field Distribution in Near Region of Star-Shaped Cylinder in Plane Waves Diffraction


D. D. Gabriel’yan, M. Yu. Zvezdina, O. S. Labunko, E. D. Bezuglov

One of the possible ways of perfecting the antenna in radioelectronic systems is applying structures that allow implementing spatial frequency selective properties. Though star-shaped cylinder structure is of a certain interest, it is not adequately investi-gated. In the paper the basic patterns of field distribution in near region in E-polarized wave diffraction on ideally conducting star-shaped cylinder are analyzed. The presence of gutters on the scattering object surface result in excitement of higher harmonics in the field distribution, hence the surface waves appear. The diffraction peculiarities of plane E-polarized wave on a star-shaped cylinder are caused by the variable width of gutter cross-section as opposite to comb structures. In this case the electromagnetic wave propagating towards the cylinder axis may not get to the bottom of a gutter. It happens because at a certain correlation of contour cross-section parameters the distance between its sides may be less then the critical size that allows E-polarized wave to propagate. Thus, the effective gutter depth is defined not only by its geometrical depth but by the contour radius and the number of gutters as well. These effects to a greater degree determine the occurrence of selectivity properties in E-polarized wave scattering. The research confirms the abovementioned peculiarities and their physical insights. The obtained regularities and their physical insights allow choosing structure parameters depending on the demands to field distribution in near and far regions.

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