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Bordering Method for Diffraction Problem on Coated Circular Metallic Cylinder


M. Yu. Zvezdina, Yu. A. Zvezdina, S. N. Zabelkin, A. V. Podzorov, A. N. Samodelov

Digital technology transfer in radio gives an opportunity to create infocommunication complexes that allow total access to information resources. However it requires applying multifunctional antennae and one of their possible designs is an open waveguide structure. A lack of mathematical apparatus that allows both solving the wave excitation problem in multilayer magnetodielectic structure and carrying out the full wave analysis of field structure holds back this kind of antennae development. In the paper it is proposed to use the bordering method to solve the linear algebraic equation system to which the integral equation system is deduced. The method is modified to be applied for diagonal matrices of unknown spectral coefficients. The advantages of the proposed solution are its independence of the external source placement in regard to coating layers as well as deriving the inverse matrix in explicit form thus the significant decrease of computational cost.

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