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Determination of spectral characteristics of fiber-optic communication systems parameters measurement instruments using the OK6-13 automatic workstation


V. N. Gavrilov, Yu. M. Gryaznov, P. D. Moiseev, N. M. Sonin, A. A. Chastov

This paper describes the OK6-13 Automatic Workstation designed to verify the following parameters of fiber-optic communications systems measurement instruments: output power and emission stability of optical generators, emission sources and testers; measurement error of absolute and relative power level of power meters, testers, reflectometers, attenuation meters; attenuation, attenuation setting error of attenuators; reflectomer measurement error on distance and attenuation scales; spectral characteristics of fiber-optic communication systems parameters measurement instruments. The OK6-13 Automatic Workstation comprises the specially developed instruments, which can be used also as stand-alone devices, these are : the OG4-223 Fiber Optical Source, the OM3-109 Fiber Optical Power Meter, the OD1-28 Programmable Fiber Optical Attenuation Meter, the OG5-101 Fiber Optical Pulse Generator, the OS4-100 Spectral Measurement Set. This paper considers the usage of the OC4-100 Spectral Measurement Set for verification of spectral characteristics of various instruments. The OS4-104 Spectral Measurement Set comprises the MDR-204 small –size Monochromator and the OM3-109 Fiber Optical Power Meter. The measurements are made automatically due to a personal computer that controls the instruments via IEEE 488 or RS-232 interface.

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