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One processor service control of binary objects flow in system with storage component


A. S. Kuimova, D. V. Minaev, Yu. S. Fedosenko

We consider an optimization control problem of single-phase objects flow service with the assumption of using limited technological reservoir. Special features of considered problem are fully explained by an example of Northern Territory delivery (Северный_завоз). Scheduling problem of object flow service consists in making such servicing strategy which minimizes total tardiness costs of nonproductive objects idle stands and reduces duration of such idle stands according to determinate standards. In this paper we introduce a generic bicriterial mathematical model which describes considered above techno-transport processes in an appropriate manner and design a dynamic programming based algorithm for synthesis of alternative service control strategies which work under Pareto optimization concept. The results of experimental estimate of algorithm characteristics make it possible to recommend this algorithm for integrating it into intellectual decision support systems of service techno-transport processes of considered type.

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