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The synthesis of control policies in the bicriterial model of the single-processor service of a binary stream of objects


Yu. S. Fedosenko, A. I. Tsvetkov

Technologies of technical service “without stopping” of moving objects operating in autonomous mode is actively developed, used and implemented in different transport and large-scale production system. In particular, such technologies get growing coverage in activity of service enterprises of inland water transport; the processor here is a dedicated ship which is meant for execution of specific type of technical service of transit stream of ships within work area of service enterprise. Service control means forming of service policies (that is the sequence of service of transit objects) for the set of service requests (which arrived on the planning horizon); it is accepted that some objects can be denied of service depend on values of accepted policies assessment criteria with it. The problem of the optimal service policies synthesis was considered in the paper [1] for the models with a scalar assessment criterion, and its modifications for the model of stationary objects grouping service were researched in the paper [2]. And along with it, assessment of the control policies using the only one criterion value often is not enough for the decision maker in the real world. The article is devoted to the formulation of the servicing model for the flow of objects going through the service processor work area. Values of two criteria – total profit for the service and the quantity of served objects – have been taken into account when assessing the quality of the control policies. The offered algorithm of the synthesis of optimal compromise service policies implements a dynamic programming ideology within the Pareto concept. The model describes refueling technologies and other types of technical service without stopping of moving objects which are in an autonomous mode of operation. The service policies synthesis results are given for the live data sets, the results were obtained by the numerical realization of the developed algorithm.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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