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A.V. Morozov, J.A. Kochanov

In following article the technique of certification of the channel on confirmation of declared reliability is considered which to be conducted by a method of sequential monitoring, and as a parameter of reliability the parameter "mean lifetime" is analyzed. If to develop this offer, it is necessary to fix number incorrectly accepted by the terminal of the channel of words of datas. In a basis of the given certification the method of the sequential analysis of the Wald (test of the limited sample of items is fixed, which outcomes with some risk are transferred on all consignment of items) is fixed. A.N. Kolmogorov formalized concept of risk in the theory of extrapolation of casual processes. It was offered performances «risk of the Supplier ()» and «risk of the Customer ()» to install equal, the number of these magnitudes was justified also: (0,05; 0,1; 0,2). The error of the first kind (risk of the Supplier ) consists of recognizing certainly authentic of the working channel of ex-change. The error of the second kind (risk of the Customer ) consists of recognizing suitable of the channel of exchange certainly distorting a transmitted information. These two kinds of errors are component of two different full groups of events and for want of to evaluation of reliability they cannot be integrated in one full group. The use of an offered method of the sequential analysis consists of construction of the fiducial boundaries appropriate to probabilities of errors of the first and second kinds. For want of reaching of these boundaries the realization of tests ceases. Then is made a decision either on rejection, or about receiver. Because of accumulated experience on production and operation of items of computer facilities it is possible to install norms ensuring low significance of probability of an error of the first kind and which are not requiring the large costs of realization of tests. For this purpose it is offered to enter into the technical project magnitude Тnorm (request of the Customer), appropriate to an operating time of the channel of exchange on the certain number of errors and exceeding really necessary minimum magnitude of an operating time Тmin (on accounts of the Supplier). The scientific outcomes of work can be used for want of testing of again created channels of information exchange of computing systems of items of special purpose.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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