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Graph model representation of the user interface in experimental psychology


V. V. Lukin, E. O. Fesik

An automation of scientific research in experimental psychology requires a special approach to software development. The experiments are conducted by different pieces of equipment, the research investigations are often short-term or one-off, therefore domain is characterized by variable processes with short life cycles and plenty of information sources. In this case it is difficult to use the classic approach to the development of information systems. The professional domain is a set of information objects (content) that define the operations of an information exchange, which is limited by certain conditions (events). We propose to use the structural-modular approach [4] to the development of UI. According to the subjective approach, the subject determines the information system, but it appears as a component of the system. Such an approach creates a coherent picture of production processes and organizational structure. This is a visual representation that allows quick changes in the organizational processes. An attractive objects design, visualization contents and status of the components make a clear and complex system representation. Three-dimensional navigation for a quick access of the nested com-ponents will make working with the system similar to playing a computer game.

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