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Solvability of the formalized description vitasystems through the use of categorical variables


A. I. Ayupov, S. I. Plyaskota

To formalize the description of large-scale organizational systems the notion of vitasystems (VtS) as a targeted operating set of people and their use of methods, tools, knowledge and technology (from the Eng. Vital) introduced in the paper. Proposed to apply this term in the analysis of any kind of human activity. It is shown that structurally, any VtS can be represented in the form of five categories (Need, Idea, Resources, Design, Outcome). These categories have a hierarchical nature, i.e. their content depends on the appropriate level of system review. Between categories can be set four kinds of relationships (Development, Subordination, Response, Resistance). The sets of categories and relationships can be represented as a full mesh oriented graph. All the categories (components, characteristics of components) have dynamic properties, and any change in the component composition of any category in accordance with the introduced relationships leads to changes in a component part of other categories. As an example, an information system description of industrial sector is considered in terms of the above categories and relations VtS. Formally, the introduction of the quantitative variables, submitted the relationship between the characteristics of categorical component, depending on the needs of estimation accuracy can be described by Petri nets, semi-Markov processes, recurrence relations, differential or integral equations. An example of one approach to modeling the VtS is presented. Conclusions. 1. The proposed methodological approach to large-scale vitasystems with a relatively small number of categorical variables allows to carry out a balanced design and to make recommendations to subjects of influence at different levels hierarchy for the coherent management of development and operation of a wide class of vitasystems. 2. One of the promising areas of research is to develop theoretical foundations, including the use of formalized description vitasystems categories, their relationships and dynamics models of different vitasystems classes, including both the processes of their development and degradation.
May 29, 2020

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