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Phases of emotional burnout syndrome in the indicants of the heart rhythm variability


N. E. Revina

Phases of emotional burnout syndrome in the indicants of the heart rhythm variability. Emotional burnout syndrome is characterised by the signs of personal deformation of healthy people whose professional activity is connected with the help to the afflicted. In this article we try to find, compare and analyse personal characteristics and dynamics of heart rhythm variability which are the state integral indicant of psychosomatic relationships of the representatives of “helping” professions. (emergency doctors). We give the detailed characteristic of mental models of emotional burnout establishing, describe similarities and differences between stress and burnout. To find the objective physiological indicants of transition from one phase of emotional burnout to another we use the indicants of heart rhythm variability which in general reflect the complex picture of different controlling influences to the blood circulation system. In the given work it is shown that while the developing of burnout syndrome the heart rhythm variability has highly specific changes habitual to each separate person.
May 29, 2020

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