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Addictive forms of behavior formation psychophysiologic basis


A. V. Kotov

The paper presents observations data bringing sufficiently common addictive forms of behavior formation scheme. 1. Under predominant, but multidirectional tendencies, “activity models” and vigours as well as some addictive substances conflict resistance in organism many central nervous system structures are able to start an integration of qualitatively new states, revealing addictive behavior motivation features. In proposed biologic dependence models these states’ invariant sign is individual’s urge towards new environment irritants, new “action results”, also including “regaining self-control” in threat situations. 2. The processes’ functional basis consists of evolutionary ancient acts of irritants’ achievement in environment, even manifesting with elementary organisms; as well as simultaneously ripening mechanisms of hedonistic (primary emotional results’ estimation – “action results”) of the achievement. Occasionally repeating and intermittent “success” and “failure” episodes of achievement acts in evolution of living pari passu promoted development, enhancement and qualitative progress of major stimulating behavior factor – predominant motivation, in molecular-genetic, neurochemical, neuro- and psychophysiological basis of which mentioned above deficit, creative and system invariants are being revealed. 3. Addictive forms of behavior formation and further stabilization as separate in certain sense have adaptive value as far as generally extend range of individual’s motivatively determined activity and simultaneously enrich potential of its individually acquired abilities. It is possible to consider that passive subjection (with active involvement of human psychological defense mechanisms) to subjectively initiated behavioral actions execution for achievement both conscious and unconscious aims is necessary for internal strain compensation and that’s why psychologically and biologically reasonable. However these actions “lead an individual away” from profitable (in popular sense) activity and predetermine its dependent only on them existence. 4. The addiction phenomenon consists of not only “pathologic weakness” signs but also “gushing vital force” manifestation. At the same time state of defense by itself may be considered as some “compromise formation of both of them”, like many things in psychic. The set of environment irritants and actions-activities (behavioral constellations), potentially possible to become purpose (or end in itself) of different alternatives of dependent behavior, lack of limits like infinitely various environment which the individual dwell in.
May 29, 2020

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