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Mechanisms of semantics: human – neuron – model


A. V. Vartanov

In this article a conception of semantic neural mechanisms as well as separation of conscious processes criteria were investigated. Conclusions were made by means of three scientific areas – psychology, physiology of higher nervous activity and cybernetics. This model was built on the encoding of the information by the channel number (due to vector psychophysiology by E.N. Sokolov). This principle also applied to coding feedback at various levels taking into account the hierarchy in the integration of local analyzers. A proposition of motor integration for localized analyzers was made. It was suggested to complete the concept of quantity of the information with the concept of quality and structural characteristics and type of the signal ordering in dependence of the level of system organization. In order to explain the specifics of human consciousness, language and reasoning a new level of feedback – operating system with an exteriorized internal feedback – was proposed.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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