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Integration of successive events into the whole image: mechanisms and models


A. V. Vartanov, I. E. Monakhova

This article focuses on some possible brain mechanisms for successive events integration to perceive them as a whole image. The main phenomenon investigated was click fusion zone in acoustics. There were two series used the same stimuli – a row of clicks coming with different click rates. The same click rate could be perceived either as a row of separate clicks or as a simultaneous tone. There were dipoles for identical stimuli compared. There were 7 participants took part in EEG experiment. There was a new method of dipole localization used. EEG data were divided into two parts with criteria of suitability for dipole localization. A model was proposed for audial stimuli in threshold click fusion zone. There were different patterns of activation founded for physically identical stimuli in threshold area. There were tonic structures activity (structures active all the time of stimulus presentation) and periodic structures activity (activity appears with some interval in the same structure) found. Active zones chain associated with simultaneous tone perception were basal nuclei – temporal lobe- frontal lobe – temporal lobe. Activation circulated among these areas with period of 100 ms (measuring activation in temporal lobe). This phenomenon needs further investigation.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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