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Achievement motivation: psychophysiological correlates and their dynamics during long-run education


A. P. Novikova, A. V. Kotov

Thanks to the work in the objectification of psycho-physiological condition assessment of students with high levels of «achievement motivation» the following has been demonstrated: 1. Individuals with high levels of «achievement motivation», coupled with introversion, can reach a high level of social adaptation, choosing and implementing an adequate type of social adaptation process. 2. Monitoring of the target situational factors of behavior in individuals with stable high level «achievement motivation» in the long-term observation reveals the different versions of the physiological accompaniment of situationally determined activities of students (in our case Stud y– educational activities). 3. Revealed and personalized options of cardio-respiratory support of purposeful activity of test subjects match V. Merlin concept (1986) under which a person is a unique in own self and a person’s functional status in each particular situation is specific and also unique. The data obtained and their psychophysiological interpretation demonstrate that: 1. The validity of the thesis that «... the unity of the physiological and psychological in realization functional states is not their complete merger and dissolution of one into the other» and under emotional stress, even in the conditions of physiological standard”... there occurs splitting of the physiological components of functional states» (Medvedev , 2003). 2. Constantly high level of «achievement motivation» as a personal disposition is accompanied by only one component – «hope of success.» Such stability and rigidity of the high level of «achievement motivation» with «hope for success» component are simultaneously supported by a variety of options for inter-system relations of the cardiovascular and respiratory functions, and their shared contribution to ensure a constant level in the main results (success) of modulated situational learning activities of the students.
May 29, 2020

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